MAKE DEMONS PRAY appears as a shocking statement to Christians and is quickly associated with something Satanic. However God’s absolute power has forced demons to pray as read in scripture Matt 8:31. A demon begs God to cast them into a herd of swine and He does. This statement is to bring awareness and direct Christians to dig deeper in the Gospel. We must remember that demons also have faith because, they believe in every fundamental doctrine of Christianity. However their faith is dead & their choice to oppose God is absolute. Therefore demons can never repent. Demons also confess with their mouth that there is only one God but, they do not confess their sin. Demons have never denied Christ in the Gospel (Mark 1:23-24) however some believers do in everyday life!


Our goal is to make believers look inward and check where their faith is. “Demons are informed but, not transformed.” (Harold Vaughn) How many believers are informed but not transformed?


Check yourself before you wreck yourself!